The Winter Issue from Switzerland

Upon arrival in the Alpine town of Arosa, I was amazed by the elements of quality of life and the very palpable sense of neutrality living. I was invited to experience the remarkable renovations of the Robinson Club resort and to review the very best in winter activities available in this beautiful municipality before turning around and traveling to Davos for the World Economic Forum.

Of course, as an adventure enthusiast, I was here to ski but it didn’t even take me two days to find my footing and experience a special evening dinner on the mountain with a genuine Swiss fondue, a cable car ride with dj music on my way down from the ski station, and my very first Ice Snow Football competition. There is just so much to Arosa, more than we know.

In main street the attraction is the frozen Obersee Lake where in winter horse racing is held. Meanwhile, from a bird’s perspective you can see paragliding. It’s pretty extraordinary to see someone land on the frozen lake, as I happen to witness.

Pressumably, the EHC Arosa Ice Hockey team has a strong following and is considered among the best teams in Switzerland. Of course, this not being my strong sport, I didn’t want to raise any concerns and felt that just by knowing that one of its famous legends built a landmark building that looks more like Gaudi architecture would be good enough for my trip. An insider tip, the team has a small but nurturing gift shop in the main street where you can see images from all the teams and past players. What awaited was an invitation to attend the Ice Snow Football competition. Unfamiliar as I was with local retired football players, I reached out to the Arosa Tourism Bureau. It seemed appropriate that the match to follow that afternoon was Germany vs Switzerland. I ended up meeting Team Schweiz former stars Stéphane Chapuisat and Jörg Stiel as well as Brazilian-born retired German striker Cacau Spieler among others. Here are a few of my images from the event held.

Arosa #IceSnowFootball

With high prices, Switzerland has a reputation to be a deterrent for some. Tourism caters mostly to Germans visiting from the north and a few other nationalities. Going out to eat, is very expensive. I kept hearing good things about the local bars and places mentioned by the Director of the Robinson Club. I was mindful to explore, while doing my best with a difficult exchange rate.

It didn’t take long to find my favorite bar and best place to attract a Zürich-based clientele. The @Ruobstei_Bar. What made this such a great place was the appearance of a cosmopolitan lounge with great signature cocktails. In addition, it was great to try a local schnaps called Gipfelstürmer in this atmosphere. Maybe, I should have met the Ambassador to this Swiss premium drink. I’m still waiting to buy a bottle since I could not find it locally or at duty free in the airport. Another place mentioned was Provisorium13, mostly for the weekend crowds visiting.


I was on a night train to Davos so things just got even more tiring after skiing and enjoying this beautiful town. Please tune in for more on my travel trips and local visits to great cities somewhere in the world. A special thanks to the Director of the Robinson Club as well as all the other folks that showed me around. I’ll be sure to post some photos from my skiing as well!

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